Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Morrissey Compares Eating Meat To Pedophilia

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This story is a couple of days old but it is so ridiculous I just have to say something. I'm afraid I'm not that familiar with the Smiths, but apparently it's former lead singer, showing an immense lack of critical thought, has said,
"I see no difference between eating animals and paedophilia. They are both rape, violence, murder,"
I don't know how he figures eating meat is rape, for instance, unless he has a different definition of rape, but it would be interesting to hear his explanation.

But my question is not only for him, but others like Pamela Anderson or Paul McCartney, who stand so adamantly against something like, say, our seal hunt.  And my question would be this, "Where do you draw the line?" At what point is it OK or not OK to take something's life? Is it cuteness? Have you ever set a mouse trap? Have you ever swatted a mosquito? I would like them to explain exactly what they see as the difference.

Have they, or this Morrissey guy ever eaten a slice of bread made with wheat from a field that was treated with insecticides? At what point to they compromise their stated or alleged principles? Where's their line, because they certainly have one. Otherwise they should be out protesting flyswatter manufacturers.

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