Monday, 2 December 2013

Child Poverty!

Most family break ups involve unmarried parents, Co-habiting couples

We have an epidemic of family breakdown because so few people realise how badly the odds of  success are stacked against unmarried co-habitees.
I won't say much more, because this is old hat, but something that, in today's climate of self-centered morality and entitlement will never be discussed, much less addressed.

So... Just sayin'

Take Care


Warren said...

The story could be correct, and I wouldn't encourage cohabitating instead of marriage, but you owe it to yourself to find more reputable sources. Googling "daily mail ridiculous headlines" is great if you want a few laughs.

John K said...

If the statistics are true the source shouldn't matter. And I think that ant honest investigation would bear them out.

Warren said...

If they're true, I can't argue. Given the source, however, my first inclination is to doubt they're true. Maybe they are, but I'm not willing to do further research. Better to quote the original source I suggest; or something like this: