Friday, 13 December 2013

Darwin's Doubt

Eric Metaxas and Stephen Meyer, author of, "Darwin's Doubt" discuss Intelligent Design on Vimeo.

It appears that the hard-core Darwinists of today are as closed-minded as what they accuse the Church as being historically. They are the modern equivalent to flat-earthers. We are told the science is settled? Science is never settled. It always investigates, always questions, always examines all evidence and all possibilities.

Over an hour, but fascinating.

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Monday, 9 December 2013

Edson Home Dedication Ceremony

This is the dedication ceremony for the largest rural Habitat for Humanity build in Canadian history. Much of it is thanks to my friends Bob and Karen (Karen was the project coordinator, I believe) from Edson, where I lived for about 8 years. Karen's speech begins at about the 1:45 mark. In her thanks, she acknowledged Jesus as her Lord and Saviour, but this part was not included in the video. Kind of weird, as HFH professes itself as a Christian organization.

Anyway, congratulations, Karen and Bob. Job well done.

(And if anyone cares, the apartment building in the background at the 3:47 mark is where Eva and I lived our first year in Edson.)

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Monday, 2 December 2013

Child Poverty!

Most family break ups involve unmarried parents, Co-habiting couples

We have an epidemic of family breakdown because so few people realise how badly the odds of  success are stacked against unmarried co-habitees.
I won't say much more, because this is old hat, but something that, in today's climate of self-centered morality and entitlement will never be discussed, much less addressed.

So... Just sayin'

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