Friday, 8 November 2013

"Atheist?" Super Bowl Ad?

The following video, which someone has declared is, "the best commercial on the planet," was apparently originally an ad for the Church of Scientology that someone merely tacked on the word, "Atheism" over the last part.

Interesting! What does it say, either about atheism or Scientology, that one can use the other's material without so much as an internal edit?

In my opinion, atheists who think they have an exclusive lock on logic are the most arrogant of all people. The Christian faith is completely logical. The difference comes from the basic premise on which one's logic is based. And the founding premises of both atheism and theism have one thing in common - they both rely on "unproveable" assumptions, at least, each one's premise based on, "evidence" unacceptable to the other.

Christians begin with the premise, not accepted by atheists, that, "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." Atheists begin with the unproveable assumption that there is no such being as God. From there, each side develops its worldview based upon its chosen founding premise.

As I have probably said before, a number of years ago, after having been an atheist, or at least an apathetic agnostic for much of my life, it began to occur to me that it made as much sense that God existed as that He didn't. God Himself has turned that dawning realization into a certainty.

Having accepted that basic Christian premise, I find the Christian faith to be completely internally logically consistent, much more so, in fact, than the atheistic worldview, and much more in tune with reality than the atheist way of thinking.

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