Monday, 7 October 2013

Two Is Better Than One? Who'da Thought It?

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This is one of my favourite hobbyhorses - the relationship between marriage, single parenthood and social/economic position. Once again, statistics and reality bear out the relationship.
“This is the marriage crisis behind our inequality crisis. It is not complicated. It requires no regressions. It is the simplest math equation in the world. It says: Two is more than one.”
However, it occurs to me that the correlation may not be as simple as at first sight. It may be that the persons of a certain group are less inclined to marry, and that that particular group also happen to be the ones who tend to be at a lower economic level. Such a group may be grouped by intelligence, education, social environment, moral values or something else. But in fact, I wonder if the relationship may be more correlational than causal. In any case, for whatever reason, they may be less inclined to hold to what we may call traditional morality and, as I have posted a number of times, I believe (and statistics and reality seem to bear this out), there is a direct relationship between uncommitted sexual activity, single parenthood and poverty.

Obviously I am writing in a general sense, and there are surely some wonderful exceptions, but also in general, there is a right way of doing things, and if people would just see it and do it, we would all be much better off.

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