Thursday, 24 October 2013

Someone's Dream

L'il Dave's Service N' More.
I passed this place the other day on one of Alberta's secondary highways. Did you ever see something like this and imagine the story behind it?
This was someone's dream once - a dream to be one's own boss; a dream perhaps to be independent and provide for one's family. By the look of the trees growing up around the gas pumps this place has been abandoned for about 10 years or more. I can imagine a guy named Dave dreaming of owning his own small business. He may have been a mechanic working for someone else, the facility obviously consists of a gas bar, perhaps a convenience store, perhaps a small restaurant, and a separate garage - possibly added so that Dave could service cars in addition to the other business.
Maybe he had a young family. Maybe he and his wife sat at the kitchen table agonizing over whether or not to buy the place. Maybe Dave pleaded with her, sharing his dream about how great it was going to be.
I can imagine Dave buying this business then adding the shop, convinced that people would flock to his doors when they realized just how great a mechanic he was. And then, perhaps things didn't work out.
Many people dream of owning their own business. The majority of newly formed small business go out of business within a few years.
As one who has succeeded in my own small business, then been a part of a hugely successful company that started small and grew to medium size, I have a bit of a heart for people with these dreams. I realize how difficult it is to succeed and I ache for those who go in with such dreams then find them dashed.
And so I imagine the story of this place.
But maybe it's nothing like that at all.
Take Care

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