Wednesday, 14 August 2013

 Question Everything
This is an initiative by local churches throughout Alberta to re-engage friends and neighbours, family members and acquaintances in matters of faith.
It stems from the consideration of a number of statistics from Reg Bibby:
  1. Church attendance in the last couple of generations has declined dramatically. At one point, around 1950, a higher percentage of Canadians actually attended church regularly than Americans.
  2. As shown above, many people would be open to greater religious involvement "if they thought it was worthwhile." (what that means is a whole 'nother subject for discussion.)
  3. Most of these would probably re-engage with a tradition with which they felt some connection - either a denomination they themselves had left, or that their parents attended, etc.
  4. A program was needed that could be run by, and was acceptable to, all denominations, across the board.
  5. The best fit seemed to be Alpha.
So my time leading up to the launch this fall has been contacting and encouraging churches all around the Province to reach out to their communities through Alpha. I tell people I love driving and I love Alpha, so I have the perfect job.

Interestingly, I really like the avatar, "Question Everything." Years ago I participated on an atheist discussion board, dedicated to debunking the Christian faith (it is no longer in existence) and that was my signature line. I have said before that I believe a person is an atheist because they haven't asked enough questions.

Christians don't need to be afraid of questions if the inquirer is truly seeking the truth. Jesus, as we know, is the truth, and he has promised that anyone who seeks, will find.

Take Care

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