Monday, 12 August 2013

It Only Comes Out When I Bite

This is a rant about dentists.
The tooth you see missing was a crown. It was originally the result of an accident I had when I was in my teens, driving a 1961 Vauxhall off a gravel road and into a culvert.

For years I had a gold tooth there, until I finally, a number of years ago, had it replaced with a regular-looking crown. This one had been coming loose for the last few months, but I kept hoping beyond hope that it might never come completely out.

But it was a recent cob of corn that finally did the deed. (Yes, I know... I should have known better.) Actually I can put it back into place and it looks completely normal, as I have done for a couple of weeks now.  But it just sits there, as a decoration. It comes back out every time I try to bite something.

So... what about this rant I was talking about.  Well, years ago I had another crown, a molar, that came loose. I went to a dentist to have it re-attached. He told me he couldn't do it; that I had to have an entirely new crown made for a couple of thousand dollars. I actually was able to afford it then, so I went ahead.

Fast forward to about 5 years ago. This crown - the one in the picture (or, more properly, the one not in the picture) broke off the day before my wife and I were to leave on vacation. I went in to my local dentist and asked him if he could re-attach it. He started on the "official dentist line" about not being able to fix it - I must have a new one. I told him I was leaving for Mazatlan the next day, so could he just glue it and I would come in as soon as I got back. So he "glued" it back into place.

That was five years ago. It has lasted that long. I have phoned my current dentist (not the same one)for an appointment. I will see if he can re-attach it again. I will be happy if he can make it last another five years, because I don't now have the money for a new crown. Frankly, I don't expect I will have it in five years either but whatever works, even temporarily. I know I'm being unfair here, but I just had a sense that some dentists are like unscrupulous auto mechanics - "Oh we can't repair that, you have to buy a new one!"

Thus endeth the rant. Having said all that, if my current dentist is able to re-attach it for me, I will completely recant everything I have said here. Stay tuned.

Take Care

UPDATE!: My totally awesome current dentist has re-cemented it, so I take it all back (most of it anyway). Now if I can just remember to stay away from hard apples and corn on the cob, it might even outlast me, although he didn't give me a warranty on it.


Warren said...

I think your Gordie Howe look is becoming.

I didn't realize you could accelerate a 61 Vauxhall to a speed where any damage could be done - to car or driver.

Wikipedia gives 0-60 times in the 23-second range (or was that minutes?). I now better understand why you wanted a Grand National. ;)

John K said...

Thanks for the flattery Warren. As I recall, it took a long downhill run to gain enough speed to accomplish the accident. 0-60? I wouldn't know. I don't think I ever got there.