Thursday, 4 July 2013

Richard Dawkins and Free Will

Watch this brief video with Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss bumbling their way through a question on free will. And, of course, bumble is all they can do, because they really don't, nor can they, have an answer. Krauss, says something about the, "particles in the room," and that touches on a completely relevant point. If all the universe is just, "particles in the room," how can there be anything like free will? How can there be any choice on the part of these particles? How can there be any explanation for rational thought? How, indeed, can there be any point to two atheists onstage discussing free will, if every word from their mouths and thought from their minds is merely a function of the random movement of particles, each one contingent on antecedent events since the beginning of the universe?

As Dawkins himself says, "It is a question that I dread."

And with good reason.

Take Care

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