Friday, 26 July 2013

Federal Government Bans, "Bless You!"

From here...
The Department of Employee Well-being for the government released their list of phrases no longer permitted in federal work environments and topping the list is saying "bless-you" after someone sneezes. Other phrases include: "OMG," "cheers" and "thank heavens."
Is this not the silliest thing ever? Maybe it would be OK if we said, "Damn you!"

Yeah, I think I got punk'd.
Take Care

(Updated: It was brought to my attention that perhaps I should not have unilaterally removed this post, so here it is back again to wind its way down the board as more posts come online.)


David said...

Thanks for giving me ideas on what to say the next time I'm in a government office.

Anonymous said...

Following the links back, it looks like this came from the radio show "This is That" originally - which is a spoof program. Have you been taken in??


John K said...

Hey, maybe! It seemed too silly to be real.