Thursday, 18 July 2013

Atheist Study Reveals That Non-Believers Are Just As Varied As People Of Faith

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The article lists a number of categories into which, it says, atheists fall, but I found these two interesting.
"Seeker Agnostics" were characterized as the happiest slice of non-believers. They see themselves as non-believers open to possibility when it comes to belief.
Not all of these so-called "religious nones" are anti-religion, except for the most visible group, the "Anti-Theists." They are defined by their belief that religion is a destructive force in society, and rate highest in levels of anger and dogmatism...
Interesting that the most open-minded were the happiest, while the most closed-minded were the angriest. This has certainly been my experience, judging by comments on various of my blogs on atheism.

The angriest seem indeed to be the most closed-minded and the ones least willing to engage in reasonable and rational discussion. They are the ones least likely to consider that Christianity is, as I posit in the title of this site, a Reasonable Faith. They suffer most greatly from what is, to use a Christian analogy, the log in their own eye, and about which they are most likely to rage in people of faith: dogmatism.

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