Sunday, 19 May 2013

These Brits are so Thoughtful...

...of their North American guests. Although even after a week here, I still look the other way for traffic.

Some other trivial things I have noticed here in London:
  • There are very few overweight people here. both men and women seem very trim and beautiful.
  • Their seems to be a pile of money in this area (South Kensington). Every other car is either a Mercedes or a BMW, with the odd Mazerati or Bently thrown in. The main difference from Alberta? No pickup trucks. A Dodge Ram or a Ford Super Duty would probably attract a crowd of curiious onlookers.
  • Real estate prices are, for lack of a better word, stupid. I saw a 1000 square foot flat in need of renovation listed at 1.5 million pounds.
I may think of more, but for now...

  • There are uncountable Italian restaurants. Every block seems to have 2 or 3
  • The wall sockets have their own switches on them so you caan turn them off. Also, wall switches are backwards from ours - 'On' is down.
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Saturday, 11 May 2013

In London for Alpha Leadership Week

Holy Trinity Brompton has a record of taking over dying churches and bringing them back to life. In addition to these three, they have planted 21 others.
The Original Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB), birthplace of the Alpha Course


HTB Onslow Square - Rocking Youth Worship

HTB Queen's Gate, serving meals to the homeless.
What could possibly be the reason for their success. (Hint: it's not because they try to appeal to the popular culture by compromising on issues of morality or the message of the Gospel.)
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Monday, 6 May 2013

The Umportance of Ejakayshun

Miss Teen USA contestant from South Carolina answers a question.

And gets applause!

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Two Parents are Better Than One - Research

From here...
A new study out of the University of Calgary is suggesting that two parents may be better than one when it comes to learning and memory in their children.
Frankly, I'm surprised the story even saw the light of day, considering how politically incorrect it would seem to be in this culture. However, one significant and obvious question was indeed ignored:

The scientists divided mice into three groups:
  1. Pups raised to adulthood by one female
  2. Pups raised to adulthood by one female and one male
  3. Pups raised  to adulthood by two females. 
They then waited for the offspring to reach adulthood to find out if there was any impact on brain cell production.
The study also revealed that the advantages of dual parenting were also passed along to the next generation, even if their offspring were raised by one female.
The researchers say the data provides evidence that parenting and the environment directly impact adult brain cell production in the mice model and that it is possible similar effects could be seen in other mammals, such as humans.
The question being, how did those raised by two females fare compared to those raised by one female and one male. Wouldn't it seem natural to answer that one?

Apparently not.

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