Saturday, 29 December 2012

What About Those Who Have Never Actually Heard the Gospel?

Although I can't claim to agree with Hank Hanegraaff on every issue he addresses, I think this is a good view of this subject. I have posted before on this, and I confess that I take a somewhat more, "generous" view of God's grace than some of my evangelical brothers. Take Care


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, John. Hank is an eloquent speaker, although his incessant marketing does wear on me...I know he has written some great resources, but sometimes his show sounds like an infomercial.

Anonymous said...

I intended to mention, I re-blogged this on my page...the message needs to be spread as widely as we can do it. Hope you had a blessed Christmas, and go into a New Year filled with only His best for you and yours!

John K said...

I think it must be a worrying time for many ministries who rely entirely on donations for support. My position with Alpha is one of them, although God has overcome my feeble and inadequate attempts at fundraising and provided me with a number of generous supporters for now.
The current economy and the aging 'bubble' of givers indicate a much tougher time in the future.
So as annoying as it might seem, I don't begrudge a good minsitry seeking funds to meet legitimate needs.
In the end though, God will surely provide for ministries that truly are helping accomplish His will here on earth.