Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Well, OK..., You Wanted it, You Got It

Talk about cans of worms...

Transgender woman says she was discriminated against at Olympia college.

I confess have a certain sympathy for those who may feel so tortured as to think they have been born into the wrong gendered body. I can't relate, but I don't necessarily judge. I have known and have perhaps worked, even in church, with them.

But this person is completely self-centered, even arrogant, certainly inconsiderate about the whole situation. He/she,  apparently, has not had the necessary surgery to complete the transformation to female and so still has all his original male equipment. But he/she still thinks he/she has the right to lie naked in a sauna in front of minor girls! And because he calls himself a woman, this makes it alright? What would happen to me if I exposed myself to high school girls (besides, perhaps, my feelings being hurt by their uncontrollable laughter)?

I guess I could insist to the arresting officer that I considered myself a woman, for the moment at least.

This is what happens when we make changes without thinking them through. Although who knows? Perhaps those who push for this agenda are quite prepared for this kind of consequence, and think anyone who objects is being terribly narrow-minded.

Take Care

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Anonymous said...

Re-blogged this on my site; you are so right John...once people have decided that "inclusiveness" should be god, that worship will come at any cost.