Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Wheel of History Turned and We Saw It Turn

America is in decline. It may be an inevitable decline but Obama's reelection will just hasten the process.
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Pondering President Obama’s reelection, I can’t help remembering that in the course of my adult life, the Britain I first knew half a century ago has run through its allotment of ruin and is now almost unrecognizably transformed from the stiff-upper-lip, never-say-die redoubt of fair play and free-born Englishmen of very recent stereotype. Now it is the land where snarling, shaven-headed louts beget still more louts upon a succession of compliant, abused sluts as clueless as they about what makes a meaningful and decent life;
Read the whole thing. I believe it speaks the truth eloquently.

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