Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Force Must Have Been With Him

Obama has another 4 years to complete his deconstruction of America.

I love America. I am not an American, but I am America’s neighbour (note my spelling of, “neighbour”). And it pains me to see it heading down the path, seemingly blindly, it is on. What happened? A few random thoughts:
  • I think their focus on certain social conservative issues hurt them – abortion, gay marriage, goofy statements about rape and pregnancy. I tend to be rather libertarian on these issues. I could not ever counsel a woman to have an abortion, whatever the circumstances. But neither would I prevent her from doing so. Similarly, gay marriage is a fact in our society, and growing more and more accepted, even applauded. But, as much as its opponents claim it signals the downfall of marriage and the family, I’ve said it before, I believe that much more damaging to the fabric of the family as the cornerstone of our society was the acceptance of common-law as equivalent to marriage. How can I reconcile my positions here? I turn to the Bible:
    “Let him who does wrong continue to do wrong; let him who is vile continue to be vile; let him who does right continue to do right; and let him who is holy continue to be holy.” (Rev 22:11)
    Moral decline? That bus left a long time ago.
  • It was interesting to see all the young people jumping in glee in the crowd in Chicago. I thought, “These poor people are the ones who will have to pay for the debt that Obama is running up now.”
  • A fundamental shift has occurred in the social order cosmos. America is transitioning from a nation of makers to one of takers, or at least receivers. People have turned from an outward, "service to others" focus, to a more selfish, "What about my rights?" attitude. We are becoming a morally and economically entitled society. People seem in many cases to be isolated from their neighbours and wrapped in their own self-absorbed bubbles.
  • In the debate on foreign affairs debate, the issue of the Obama administration’s outright lies and coverup of what happened in Benghazi was never even brought up. What was Romney thinking? It’s almost like someone on the Obama team waved their hand, like Obiwan Kenobi in Star Wars and said, "You don't need to raise this issue." And Romney thought to himself, “I don’t need to raise this issue.”
  • Obama’s policy as it relates to the Muslim world, both within and outside his country will be disastrous. For some reason, he and Hilary are behaving as if they think that if they are nice to radical Islamists, the nice treatment will be returned. There is much focus on bullying these days. Well, I predict that Obama’s wrong-headed policies will be seen as the weakness they are, and that bullying by radical Muslim groups will increase around the world because the US will be seen as too weak, or too weak-willed, to stop it. Terrorism, or at least terrorist boldness, will increase, not decrease.
Just my thoughts.

Take Care


Warren said...

I couldn't get past this line:

"Obama has another 4 years to complete his deconstruction of America."

You've already staked out your position and I know I won't read anything balanced or reasonable.

John K said...

I acknowledge I began the post with a pejorative statement, but I believe America is in trouble and I believe it is in more trouble with Obama than without him. And I believe my opening statement reflects the coming reality. He may use the word, "change," but I believe it will be irreversible change and change for the worse.

I keep coming back to the deliberate lie regarding Benghazi.
First of all, there are two possibilities: either Obama and key people in his administration knew the truth of the situation or they didn't. If they didn't, they are inept and have no business running the most powerful nation on earth.

If they did, there are two possibilities: either they sincerely thought that covering up the story was the right thing to do, for whatever misguided reason, in which they are naive and have no business running the most powerful nation on earth.
Or they covered it up for their own political benefit, in which case they are evil and have no business running the most powerful nation on earth.
In any case, I'm afraid I stand by what I said.

Warren said...

I think the America you "love" and are worried about is largely a figment of your imagination. It is neither as bad or as good as elements on either end of the political spectrum screech about. If the morality of a nation could be measured (good luck with that), I doubt that, in four years time, you would see much difference regardless of who had been elected.

The elements you mentioned (I have skimmed them now) really don't interest me. Issues like this do:

The correlation between the states listed in this article and the election results are also interesting:

And I really don't get your hangup with Benghazi. Every administration in our lifetimes has had lots of skeletons they'd rather keep in the closet. Had Romney been elected, I'm sure he would have had some too.

Six years ago, I would have generally agreed with most of what you post. Now, not so much. Both liberals and conservatives can be nasty, but I find the nastiness of evangelical conservatives especially galling and I don't want to be aligned with people who push away those who are being called rather than show the love of Christ.

Do you discuss the political perspectives you post here in an Alpha setting? If not, are you hiding your true beliefs from those desiring to know more about Christianity (bait and switch)? If so, do you find it an effective witness (maybe I need to learn something)?