Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Is the Pope a Catholic?

Does MSNBC have a totally biased agenda? Chris Matthews can hardly contain his glee over Hurricane Sandy. Is the re-election of Obama more important than the suffering of millions of people? I'm sure that deep down, Chris Matthews thinks so, even though, obviously, he could never admit it.

Was it a slip? Or did it betray his true feelings?

Take Care


Warren said...

Have you ever heard commentary on Fox News that is "way out there"? If so, are you wondering out loud if Fox News has a "totally biased agenda"?

If the "right" in the US worked as hard to remove the log from their own eye as they do poking other people in the eye, the outcome of the election may have been different. The level of hyperbole on all parts of the political spectrum makes me want to gag.

John K said...

Hi Warren,
I don't get Fox news here but I do get Sun News. I agree that they have a conservative bias, but I agree with them. I don't think it's a log-in-the-eye thing. I stand by my point about MSNBC et al regarding Benghazi. Obama, Clinton and others just plain lied about that situation, and kept lying for days after the fact. Either that or if they were uninformed, they were completely inept. They knew that attack had nothing to do with that movie, but for days kept saying it did. They knew, as we found out, that the embassy had requested additional security, and it was turned down. I watched MSNBC occasionally during the run-up to the election and didn't see these stories covered at all.
And I don't think (I suppose I could be wrong) that a conservative would have said he was thankful for the storm had it benefitted Romney. I think it just showed how single-mindedly passionate Matthews was - that he felt that the end he saw as desirable justified any means.

Warren said...

And if you said that MSNBC has a liberal bias I wouldn't take issue. But you couldn't resist some hyperbole - which immediately shut me down. If you had the ability to watch multiple networks, simultaneously, 24 hours a day, I might put some stock in what you say. Did Matthews blow it? Yeah. Would much of what you've said on this blog play well if it was repeated on any national network - conservative or otherwise? I'll let you answer that yourself.