Saturday, 17 November 2012

Battle of the Winners

Toronto woman denied haircut files human rights complaint

This should be interesting.
From Here...

A Toronto barbershop has found itself at the centre of a human rights complaint after its barbers refused to cut a woman's hair.
Faith McGregor, 35, went to the Terminal Barber Shop on Bay Street, back in June looking for a haircut.  
The barbers, who are all Muslim, told her their religion didn't allow them to cut the hair of a woman who is not a member of their family.
So,,, we have here two protagonists, each from an identifiable group which rarely if ever loses a human rights case. Not only is Ms McGregor a woman, but also, apparently, a lesbian. That's two tick marks in her favour. However, in the opposite corner, the accused are Muslims, which fact is also probably worth at least two.

Were the barbers Christian, of course there would be no contest. But in this case, it will be interesting to see the human rights people twist themselves into pretzels to justify whatever decision they make.

Take Care

PS: I have no idea who will win, but, as a person who believes in freedom of conscience, I'm with the barbers.


David said...

I'm with the barbers, too.

Warren said...

John, what do you think the "right" answer is? Or are you just a pot-stirring voyeur (which is more David's trademark)?

David, are you for the barbers because Faith is a woman or because she is "apparently" a lesbian? Are you against the Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Do you believe that business owners should have the right to refuse service to anyone they choose? If your ISP refused service to you because of a claimed religious reason, would you be okay with that?

In case you didn't guess, I'm not for the barbers.

John K said...

I consider myself a libertarian. I think any business should have the right to refuse to deal with me for pretty much any reason they want. Being made to feel like a second class citizen is a pretty pathetic reason to launch what I consider to be a harassment suit. And of course, the barbers will have to pay for their own defence while Ms McGregor's action will be paid for out of the public purse. If she had to pay for it herself, would her principles be as strong?
A charter of Rights and Freedoms might be a wonderful thing, if it kept to actual rights. The "right" to force someone to give you a haircut is just stupidity and overkill.

Warren said...

You sound much like a "gentleman" who bent my ear over Christmas dinner two years ago (while I was living in the US). He made it clear that businesses should have the right to refuse to serve anyone they want, including visible minorities (African Americans is who he had in mind). He also swore up and down that he would leave the US if Obama was re-elected. He's doubtlessly eating crow right now - buffoon that he is.

More seriously, you should consider emigrating to a country more welcoming of your ideological position. I hear Somalia has a lot to offer for true libertarians.

Even more seriously, as a white male you can "afford" to hold the position you do. You are privileged in dozens of ways every day that never even occur to you.

You are an enigma to me. I have nothing but respect for your service in the Alpha program. Other views that you hold seem diametrically opposed.

John K said...

"More seriously, you should consider emigrating to a country more welcoming of your ideological position. I hear Somalia has a lot to offer for true libertarians."
That's kind of a weird thing to say. I like it here.
What, in your opinion, would Somalia have to offer me. A libertarian is one who upholds individual liberty, especially freedom of expression and action. Does that describe Somalia?

Warren said...

From the Wikipedia entry on libertarianism:

Libertarians generally advocate a society with significantly less government compared to most present day societies.

Maybe you're for a kinder, gentler Canadian form of libertarianism, eh? The kind of libertarianism that true blue American libertarians would sniff at as socialism?

I just though you might want to follow your leanings to their logical conclusion. Minimal government, unbridled opportunity for capitalism, corporations unrestricted in their ability to exploit people and resources, etc., etc..

Honestly, I don't think you are a libertarian at all.