Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Monkeys With Keyboards?

From here...

...Evangelism is the spiritual practice of opening ourselves to engage the image of God in others. Through this spiritual practice of seeking and serving Christ in all persons, we are drawn into the Spirit’s reconciling and transforming passion. This passion drives us to mission, the gathering of spiritual communities in which we can experience each other and ourselves as the Beloved of God. This experience of Belovedness makes us want more. We want to expand and deepen our capacity to practice the kinds of evangelism and mission through which we participate in the Spirit’s revelation of God’s love.

...Together we will explore: engaging people and communities generatively across lines of difference, forming missional leaders who can nurture others’ pursuit of their authentic vocation, and discerning the Spirit’s movement in our worship, in our spiritual communities and in our local contexts. In all these explorations, we will seek to follow the Spirit’s lead together.
Participants will experientially and collaboratively engage topics in the following areas:...
And on it goes - one incomprehensible phrase or buzzword of the middle-aged pseudo-intelligensia after another.

And young people are leaving the church? Wow! Who'da thunk!

Now, I would have many objections to the way the Episcopal church in the US, and the Anglican church in Canada, is going, but that is not the point of this post. I am actually making them a serious suggestion.

One would think that a church wanting to attract new members would at least speak in a language understood by those it is hoping to reach. The only people to whom this kind of pseudo-intellectual baby-boomer nouveau-theological bafflegab appeals are already there.

Take Care

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