Saturday, 8 September 2012

Just Sayin'

New York's Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan prayed a prayer at the close of the Democratic National convention.
Apparently none of the major TV networks carried it. Well, of course they didn't.

I just finished my Apha training conference today, and part of my own message was how society's attitudes have changed dramatically in just a very short time. Where Christianity even less than a generation ago was at least acceptable, today it is spat upon and cursed in the public square.

If I were less a person of faith, I would find this disturbing, but frankly I just shake my head in sad amusement at the new left's rabid anti-faith agenda. We Christians are the ones often accused of intolerance, but without fail, the true intolerance comes from that other side of the fence. One of the things Cardinal Dalton snuck into his prayer, rather innocouosly yet cleverly I thought, was a prayer for, "...those waiting to be born."

The response of the supposedly tolerant left demonstrates just who are the truly intolerant ones. If you can grit yout teeth and stand the language, the typical vocabulary of angry atheists, check this out.  I have found, even on my own blog, that the F-bomb seems to be a favourite debating strategy of those who have no better way of answering someone with whom they disagree.

Take Care
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Nicky said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow. I listened to the prayer, and I knew that both sides would be flaming out at their respective hobby horses, but...such blind, pointless hate, with no apparent just makes my heart heavy. It's this kind of stuff that has me praying my email signature every day:

He who testifies to these things says, “Surely I am coming quickly.” Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus! (Rev 22:20)

Warren said...

Just a few observations:

- Cardinal Dolan also prayed at the RNC. Was that prayer covered by the MSM? If not, why not a post then?

- Why should secular networks be expected to provide coverage of a prayer in the first place? I take no offence if they didn't - but apparently some Christians like to take offence at lots of things. No doubt this improves the quality of their salt and light.

- The Huffington Post provided coverage that seems fairly neutral on Sep 6th.

- I see plenty of vitriol on all parts of the political spectrum, as well as from Christians (who love to take offence). I'm tired of all of it.

John K said...

Hi Warren,
I have no idea about the Republican convention. As far as whether networks showed the prayer, I don't claim they should have had to. But I'm sure at one time they would have. It's just my comment on the signs of the times.
As far as vitriol is concerned, I don't see that kind of language on the part of Christians. If there is, it's obviously out of place. But as I said on my post, the F-bomb seems to be a favourite reaction on the part of the anti-religious to Christian beliefs and standards. You can see it in comments replying to some of my own posts.
I ran an Alpha conference yesterday. The aim is to encourage Christians to continue to express the truth of Christianity wherever and as well as they can. Who will believe and who will ignore is not under our control. The world is what the world is. The times are what they are.
But like the title of my post, I'm just sayin'.

Warren said...

Maybe you're right, or maybe it's the blogs I follow. It just seems like there are way too many lop-off-the-ear Peters instead of crucify-me-upside-down Peters running around. F-bombs don't bother me much - they and have a certain honesty. "Respectable" language can be used in an equally or more cutting fashion.