Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Freedom of Conscience? Not for long.

Ontario Christian Minister Forced to Conduct Same-Sex Ceremonies or Be Fired

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A Church of Christ minister who has been responsible for civic marriage ceremonies at Cambridge city hall for the past 15 years is facing the axe if she doesn’t agree to perform same-sex “marriages.”
Rev. Jay Brown told LifeSiteNews that city council voted 8 to 1 Monday night on a motion, brought forward by Councillor Donna Reid, that Brown be forced to officiate at homosexual “marriages” or they would issue a “request for proposal” to find a replacement.
Frankly, I'm not going to campaign for this minister to keep her job. I post this merely as an observation of how things are going and where they are surely headed. If I were that minister, I think I would just see the writing on the wall and resign. Same-sex "marriage" is legal in Canada and I think that the Cambridge city council has the right to set her conditions of employment. It's just interesting to see how far the pendulum has swung in how short a time. Cambridge City council obviously has no room for freedom of conscience, at least as far as Christian faith is concerned, and in that they are just reflecting a view that is quickly becoming more and more common.

Where I will draw the line as far as what I think is truly wrong is concerned, is when (not if) clergy in churches are forced to  act against their consciences in this matter.  It is one thing for a city council to direct an employee (if that is what she is) in the performance of her duties to her employer; quite another to force private citizens who are not public servants to toe a moral line contrary to their religious beliefs - especially when there are probably plenty of others quite willing to perform the service. However, it is only a matter of time, in my opinion, before some poor pastor or priest is hauled up before some human rights commission and convicted of hate crimes.

It seems to me that earlier in the SSM debate, all assurance was given that clergy would not be forced to act against their consciences.

We'll see how long that lasts.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you've said. It's a religious attack. Because if they could go anywhere else yet choose to only go to the minister, it has nothing to do with any other reason. And why couldn't they hire their own minister? They surely could if they so chose to.