Saturday, 4 August 2012

A PerfectCircle

A comment from First Things, on a post on the New Atheists, perfectly sums my own thinking as I attempted to express it in one of my previous posts:
If there is no incorporeal component to the human intellect (a “rational soul”) then ultimately all we think and do is deterministic, the inevitable consequence of antecedent material causes. If that is the case then there really is no such thing as a free will. “New Atheists” who are “certain” of this should then also conclude that:

-- They have no choice but to think that, as they have no free will with which to change their minds about thinking that.

-- Their minds may change, but that happening or not happening is beyond their control – they don't have a free will with which to control anything.

-- Any conclusion they reach about anything is meaningless because experiencing “certainty” is just a biological phenomenon that happens occasionally – they have no choice about it; it just happens regardless of whether their “certainty” is rational or not.
Do atheists really think this way, or do they just not think this far? In any case, if they actually believe in rational thought and the ability to choose between options, they must admit to something beyond the purely natrual. If their point is that there is no such thing as rational thought, then that very belief proves itself admirably. It's a perfect circle.

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