Thursday, 1 March 2012

Pure Naturalism

So it occurred to me, this picture.

If all there is is natural, no place for the supernatural, then one must believe this: picture a billiard table, dimensions - infinity by infinity, perfectly flat. And imagine there is no such thing as friction, rolling or air. And imagine every atom and molecule in the universe represented by a billiard ball. And then imagine, for the sake of simplicity, one of these balls set in motion. It contacts another, glancing off in whatever direction, but setting that ball in motion, as well as continuing on its own in a new direction. These balls contact others, and so on... Sooner or later, all the balls will be in motion, bouncing off one another in a purely predictable fashion. Do any of these balls have a choice of which direction to go? No. In fact, the perpetual path of any ball, and all thereafter, is governed exclusively by the original path of the first ball. Every collision, the direction and speed of every single ball, is completely determined by that first event.

So this is how the complete atheist, the pure naturalist, must view the universe. There can be no room for rational thought, for independent decision making. There can be no free will. All reality must be completely deterministic, an immutable result of that first, "big bang."

Do atheists really believe this? I expect, if they were to examine their view strictly, ask every question and follow their logic to its natural conclusion, they might find it difficult to accept.

Take Care

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