Saturday, 11 February 2012

Unequally Yoked - the Classic Example

Whitney Houston was found dead in a Beverly Hills hotel room today. She was 48. I have some thoughts, appropriate or not.

I have enjoyed Whitney Houston's music, but wouldn't count myself a great fan. It was just there and it was nice.

But I remember seeing her relationship with Bobby Brown, culminating in their marriage, back around the time I became a Christian. I remember reading that she had grown up singing in church, and I believe she said at that time that she was a Christian, and wanted a Christian husband. But then along came Bobby. I am sure that, morally, he was her exact opposite. At the time, she insisted he be a Christian for their relationship to progress. And I remember his claiming, at some point, to have become born again, so he could have her as his wife. I had an uneasy feeling even then, that this marriage would be a disaster.

I remember these details so clearly because I had two teenage daughters, and the concept of being unequally yoked was very much on my mind at the time. It was so transparent to me, but not, apparently to an innocent and gullible Whitney. She was conned, or she was too weak or timid to say, "No."

As you can read in any of her biographies, her life degraded into one of addiction and misery. I'm guessing it was largely due to her feeling trapped in the mistake she had made.

Well, it's over now, and if she really was that innocent Christian girl who was led away and trapped in a life she regretted until it was over, then she is now with her Lord, and will ever be with Him.

RIP Whitney.

Take Care

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