Monday, 20 February 2012

An Alpha Reunion

I was standing at the sales counter Raven Truck Accessories, my 'other' employer last Wednesday night, waiting for closing time, 5:30. It was Alpha night at my own church so I wanted to get out on time. At about 5:20 the front door to the store opened and a man walked in. I rolled my eyes, thinking, "Oh no! Not a customer at this time of night." As he came toward me, he held out his right hand to shake mine, and as he got quite close I recognized him. "Ralph!" I exlcaimed. It was the Ralph who had been in my prison Alpha course about ten years ago, (link below) and because of the story related on my blog, as well as other reasons, I still think of him often. He obviously remembered where I work, although now I am in a different location.

He told me he is working on the pipelines and doing well. His long-ago girl friend (who at the time was 'working the streets' is now a receptionist at a social development office. I remember trying to help both of them through various struggles, back in the day. They are still together. It was pure joy to see him, and a real encouragement.

But then he asked me for a ride -- to the casino. Somehow, (you will see my point if you read my previous story at the link below) I remember thinking, with a smile, Ralph, you haven't changed a bit, have you." Ah well, it was still a wonderful thing to see him. And to see that he and his girlfriend are still alive. So many in 'that world' no longer are.

It also opened, or re-opened, the door to the possibility of doing an Alpha course at a Native Healing Centre with which I had contact through him all those years ago. I went and spoke to the admin team at the center and there is a possibility we can do a course there. I have e-mailed several 'Alpha' churches in the area and got some response.

Pray that it may come to pass.

Take Care
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