Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Arguing With Atheists (2)

On our recent trip to Vegas we stopped in Salt Lake City to see the Mormon Temple Square. It was quite spectacular, to say the least.

But when visitors enter the information centre, they are greeted by a team of two "missionaries" who volunteer to answer any questions, with the end in mind, I supose, to lead one toward the Mormon faith. My "team" were a couple of young girls from the Philipines, so there was a bit of a language barrier. I told them I was what I would call a born again Christian. I didn't just say I was a Christian, because they consider themselves to be Christians as well, hence my differentiation.

Our discussion somehow turned to the nature of God, and I was told that God had flesh and bones, just like we do. I asked where did he come from, who created him, but I think the language barrier made difficult to discuss in any depth. They just kept coming back to the point that the god who created everything was a man just like us. I told them it made no sense and left it there.

I say all that to say this: there is a blog called Darwin Killed God by an atheist who has commented on posts in this blog. And in their discussion and defence of evolution, atheists face the same problem as the Mormons -- they start in the middle. They start with, "stuff" already in existence. As for Mormons, if the creator of stuff is already made of stuff, then he is not the original creator of stuff, is he?

Frankly, I avoid as much as possible discussing evolution with atheists. There is no point in duscussing evolution until one settles the problem of origins. There is no point discussing the origin of species until one settles on the origin of everything. And if one begins with the premise of a Crteaor God, Darwinian evolution becomes, at the very least, unnecessary.

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