Saturday, 26 November 2011

Glee - Worse Than Pornography

I don't know how many have seen the television show, "Glee." I have had my own thoughts on it for sometime, even intended to do a post on it, but for some reason have never done it.

To express my opinion bluntly, I think Glee is a totally immoral and completely evil thing. It is part of the great cultural movement to sexualize our kids. It is extremely pro-gay, but that deosn't particularly matter. Gay or straight, it portrays, even encourages, sexual activity as a normal lifestyle choice for school children. If that portrayal turns out to be, to its audience, something to be emulated, I'm sure its backers and producers would not see it as a bad thing.

Proponents of such shows are wont to claim that they are just reflecting reality. That may be so, in part, but there can be little doubt that they also accelerate that reality.

My decision to write this was prompted by This blog..., describing a recent episode. As you will read, two young people, virgins, were encouraged, for purely utilitarian reasons, to lose their virginity. That is, to give away something they can never recover, something that should have been reserved as a gift for the person with whom they intended to spend the rest of their lives.

I entitled this post as I did because when one encounters outright pornography, one is aware of what one is is seeing. But the glitz, the music, and the seemingly attractive teenage lifestyle in "Glee" is an effective hook to suck in an innocent and naive audience, then indoctrinate them into a very evil agenda. That may seem over the top, but I'm telling you, that's the way it is.

Take Care

Edited to add...

Somewhat tied to this, in my opinion, is This piece from the Anglican Journal decrying the slow progress on child poverty in Canada.

Well, I've said it before, and it is frustrating when those who continually whine about what the government should do to alleviate it, but child poverty is far and away a moral problem. That is, one of it's main causes is a breakdown of morality. The argument is undeniable that a huge cause of child poverty is single parenthood, specifically single motherhood. And how do girls become single mothers? There's only one way; by having sex. And I am confident that many are lured into this activity by societal attitudes epitomied by shows such as "Glee."

And please don't whine about the need for more birth control education. We were taught birth control in the sixties, and the focus on it has surely grown since then. It's not a lack of information on birth control; it's a surfeit of propaganda for sex itself.

check out Matthew 18:6


David said...

I've never watched Glee and probably never will, but it seems that it represents the increasing sexualisation of what is left of our civilisation and, I suppose, including children was the logical next step.

It is tiresome to keep saying "the end is nigh", but surely it must be for the degenerate mess that the West has become.

John K said...

Yes, I agree, and see my addendum to this post.