Thursday, 29 September 2011

WTG SPY! (Way to Go St Paul's Youth)

A nice story involving young people from St Paul's Edmonton;
From The Anglican Planet...
ON MAY 15, the town of Slave Lake, 200 kilometres north-east of Edmonton, was struck by devastating wildfires. One-third of the homes and businesses were destroyed.
St Paul's VBS usually welcomes a team each summer from Crosstalk Ministry, which is based in Montreal. Students travel across Canada during the summer months to facilitate Christian day camps. Crosstalk had already booked one of its two-member traveling teams to run a one week VBS day camp in the Edmonton parish of St. Paul’s, but on short notice they and a team from St Paul's did two more weeks in Slave Lake. By all accounts it was a true blessing to all concerned.
When they heard of the need in Slave Lake David Dolmat and Emma Goettke offered to continue traveling to the struggling town. Since about 150 kids were interested in attending VBS, Slave Lake opted to host two one-week camps. St. Paul’s also offered to send two teams of its youth leaders to assist, including newlyweds Lauren and Adrian VanderHout. Lauren told the Messenger:
“While Slave Lake welcomed the idea of a facilitated day camp, the community worried it would not have enough volunteers. My co-worker, Noelle Byer, and I were asked if we would gather a youth team to come with us. We arrived in Slave Lake with nowhere to stay, but ready to ‘do’ day camp.
Quite a bunch. Well done.

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