Saturday, 24 September 2011

Anyone Remember This?

My wife tries to tell me she wanted us to go to Woodstock back when it happened, but she says I didn't want to go. I don't remember that, but I can well remember a number of "little Woodstocks" presented aroung Southern Ontario after the movie came out and it was hip to be associated with it, however tenuously.
Guys would get on the public address system and try to sound like the announcer at Woodstock (Chip Munk, I think it was) just to hear the sound of their voices. Looking back, it all seems rather funny.

At any rate, this number includes what may arguably be the best drum solo in rock history, beginning around 2:50 and lasting a full two minutes.

Those were the, "good old days," but I've become a new person since, and I sure wouldn't want to go back.

Take Care


David said...

I thought that as conventional wisdom has it, if you remember it you weren't there.

I definitely wasn't there - I don't think.

John K said...

In other words, no one who was there should remember. Anyone who says they remember is lying. If you want to know if you were there, play, "Where's Waldo," and look for yourself in the crowd.