Friday, 20 May 2011

The Next Big Issue (So to Speak)

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...weight discrimination stands on a par with racial discrimination.
Dr. Rebecca Puhl (is) director of research at Yale University’s Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity. Her goal is to place weight discrimination and stigmatization squarely on the radar of social justice issues.
Another, "I was born this way; I can't help it" issue, no doubt. Sorry, people of colour, discrimination against you is no worse than against those who eat too much.

The costs of obesity bias in human productivity and quality of life are high, says Puhl.

As high as the costs of obesity itself?

Obesity bias victims and obesity advocates are beginning to challenge the status quo, in some cases successfully, according to Dr. Shaheen Azmi, acting director of the Policy, Education, Monitoring and Outreach Branch of the Ontario Human Rights Commission in Toronto. “Obesity is increasingly being interpreted as a type of disability,” he says. And under provincial and federal rights legislation, disabilities require accommodation.

Of course the HRC would weigh in. It gives them one more, "raison d'etre."

...advocates for the obese have not pushed as forcefully as other advocacy groups such as those of the transgendered. “People do not yet recognize that obesity bias is a social issue.” Fortunately, social justice-minded Canadians may soon change that.

Some of the above quotes are from various advocates, but the last sentence of the last quote is by the author of the Anglican Journal article, indicating, to me, that this is an issue that the Anglican church considers important.

I am not trying to be unsympathetic, especially to anyone who suffers from a condition beyond their control, but this is another symptom in the slow death of this once-great denomination. They have fallen away from what should be their true focus, proclaiming the REAL gospel. They have replaced things of first importance with secondary matters, and will slowly, yet surely, continue to slide into irrelevance as a result.

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