Saturday, 2 April 2011

Of Rapes and Riots

Here are two stories that may seem totally unrelated... well, they are, except for the way I will try to tie them together.

The first regards the riots and killing of UN workers in Afghanistan as a result of the burning of a koran by a pastor in Florida.

The second, and others like it, concern the blaming of the victim in certain rape cases.

Don't get me wrong, there is absolutely no justification for the reaction in either instance. But aren't the, "cause and effect" concepts similar. In one case, pastor Jones burned a Koran ( a rather silly and pointless thing to do, in my opinion), and the consequence was violent reaction (unjustified in the mind of any sane and reasonable person) resulting in innocent deaths. In the other, women, sometimes, by the way they dress and act, may seem as if they are inviting sexual activity. At the very least, they may be inciting passions in men on the prowl for such activity.

In neither case is the consequence justified. I am certainly not trying to justify rapists based on the dress or behaviour of their victims, but let's face reality. If pastor Jones had not burned that koran, there probably wouldn't have been the resulting riots and killings. And if a sexual asssault victim hadn't dressed a particular way, or been at a pickup bar, or behaved seductively, there may not have been a rape.

Actions have consequences, and sometimes it may be appropriate to consider the possible consequences before taking the action. It doesn't matter whose fault it is to the victim.

So, is the principle the same in both these cases? Think about it.

Take Care

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