Saturday, 9 April 2011

Mention of Jesus Banned From Movie Houses

As a curseword? No. Actors on the screen can still take the Lord's name as a swearword all they want.
But this ad, paid for by a church to invite people to their Easter services, was pulled because someone objected to the mention of the name, "Jesus."

I'm not sure if the same peole would object to it being used in vain as diologue in the movie.

I suspect not. I suspect it is just another example of ill-thought-out atheist illogic.

Take Care

h/t The Michael Coren Show


Warren said...

At root, what is the difference between the action of the theatre(s) and the action of the bed and breakfast owners in England? Both are private businesses acting in accordance with their "convictions" (okay, I admit that the theatres may also have a profit motive at heart). In the interest of consistency, should not the "rights" of both businesses be defended? Or both be attacked? When I try to put myself in the shoes of an unbeliever, this is how I think I would see it.

John K said...

From a purely libertarian point of view, I suppose there is no difference at all. But I doubt the theatre owners acted from the same kind of moral motivation as the bed and breakfast owners.
I posted this merely as a comment on the direction society is heading, and I don't think it is a good direction. It seems to be a 90 degree turn, away from Christianity and toward approval of what Christians, and even non-Christians of former generations would consider blatant immorality.

Warren said...

I don't like the direction things seem to be going either (although I think there have been many societies over the course of history that have been worse), but isn't the world just acting in accord with what we read in God's Word? There are just less artificial barriers to man revealing what is really in his heart. I know I'm not in lock step with a lot of my evangelical brothers, but I'm not convinced that it is the role of the church to try and resurrect those barriers. Individual Christians, however, as they interact in the marketplace, may make a difference. Ultimately, God is sovereign and He will do what He will do. We are commanded to pray and share the good news - we aren't commanded to be political activists.

John K said...

Actually I don't think we are all that different. I have said before that I hold a fairly radical two kingdom view. My main point in commenting on the world is to express my observations of the ways in which that kingdom seems increasingly to be concerned with pulling itself and as many as it can away from Christianity.
I agree that, as Christians, our prime concern should be to see as many as possible find the Kingdom of God; to be transferred from the broad to the narrow road. My comments on the current state of society are chiefly to serve as cautions that society seems to be making it more and more difficult for that to happen.
Having said all that, god is not surprised, He is still the sovereign LORD of the universe, and His will WILL be done.