Thursday, 24 March 2011

In Honour of Earth Hour

Put Your Lights On, Santana, Everlast

8.30 PM, 26 March 2011. I don't leave many lights on anyway, and if I weren't so cheap, I would turn all of them on just to spite this new religion. But it would cost me money, and I really do, honest, try to save energy, so I won't.

Great song, by the way.

Take Care


Warren said...

I like it too.

Almost a decade later, Everlast returned the favor by featuring Santana on "Babylon Feeling," a song on his most recent album, Eat at Whitey's. Its similarity in tone and style to Put Your Lights On is underscored by the two videos, which look like they were shot at the same time (although given the 9-year time difference, it's highly unlikely they were).

John K said...

Interesting. I think they just took the old video and played the new song over it. I you look closely, oftentimes the guitar playing doesn't match the music and the lips don't match the words.

Warren said...

Duran Duran wants you to leave a light on too:

I like Santana's song better.