Monday, 28 March 2011

I Can't Take All the Credit, But...

Power use jumps for Earth Hour

From here...
Despite pleas to tune off and turn off, Edmonton saw a spike in power usage during this year's Earth Hour.

Edmonton was not the only city that seemed to ignore Earth Hour -so did Calgary, where utility provider Enmax reported no change in power consumption.

Let's hear it for the independent spirit that, if not alive and well, seems to be at least surviving in Alberta.

One of my favourite notes regarding this whole earth-hour mania comes in a comment by Michael D. on The MCJ. He writes,

I live in Vancouver, where all of our electricity comes from hydro power. On Earth day, a number of earnest Vancouverites turn off their lights (saving no greenhouse gases) and, ironically, light candles (made of paraffin – derived from petroleum).

They should have known better than to expect Albertans to reduce their power consumption when there was a Flames/Oilers game on the tube. It's so difficult to watch TV by candlelight.

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