Sunday, 23 January 2011

Let's Be Consistent, Shall We?

So Fox has told Ashley Madison they will not air their ad on the Super Bowl. Well, that's just nothing but blatant discrimination, isn't it? I mean, if a couple in England can't refuse a room to a gay couple in their bed and breakfast; if a Saskatchewan marriage commissioner can't follow his conscience regarding gay marriage, surely adulterers have a right not to be discriminated againsst! After all, shouldn't adultery be counted as a legitimate sexual orientation?

But Noel Biderman, the founder of, a dating site which offers "guaranteed affairs" to married people, just doesn't get it. Here are a couple of his comments
"If you stop my advertising, if you try to quash my service, people are still going to have affairs.

"They had them long before I came on to the scene and they’ll have them long after I’m no longer in existence.

"'s ridiculous to think people who are happily married would watch it and decide to commit adultery.

"This notion that somehow my ad is gonna go and create an infidelity nation of Americans or Canadians who watch it is ridiculous."

Which is all completely beside the point. Sometimes it's just a matter of taste. Sometimes it's just a matter of principle. Sometimes it's a matter of just doing the right thing. Biderman can't imagine how someone might say, "I object to your product on moral grounds, and choose not to participate in its promotion.

Now, that may not be Fox's position, because they apparently have accepted other ads from the organization, but that's what I would say.

If I were Fox, that is.

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Anonymous said...

Ashley Madison trot out a contrived Superbowl Ad Ban story every year (this is the fourth year running). What is more surprising is that a lazy and gullible media slavishly regurgitates these 'stories' annually, giving Ashley Madison the publicity they crave. When are the same media going to do a proper investigative journalism piece on the the scam that is Ashley Madison? They're one of the most complained about companies on the internet for their dodgy business practices and there are currently at least three class actions being prepared against them.