Thursday, 22 July 2010

Tony's Story

Have you heard this commercial,
The brewers of Canada would like you to listen to Tony's story...

A parent (Tony) tells how he always told his son that if he was at a party and needed a ride, to call his dad and he would pick him up. then he says how he himself was out the other night and decided he was alright to drive. His son was home when he got ther and, Tony says, "Boy, did he ever give it to me!"

Frankly, I think this message is completely wrong-headed. First of all, Tony's concern seems to have been, not that he drive while impaired, but that his son was angry with him.

But the greater thing, in my mind, is that this is an indication of much of what is wrong in our world today. That is, the parents are no longer in control of their kids. They are no longer the authority figures. Rather, they are victims of their children's opinion of them. The parent seeks the approval of his children. The kids are in charge. The kids have control. It drives me crazy when I hear a parent, even of a very young child, ask them to do something and then tack on, to the end of the request, "OK?" As in, "Pick up your things and put them away, OK?" It just seems to me that it makes the parent a wimp, asking the kid permission for the request.

Our children need firm guidance and instruction and many parents today seem fearful of providing it. What they do not need is the kind of empowerment and fearful kow-towing that turns the parent/child relationship upside down.

Take Care

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