Monday, 14 June 2010

"A watershed moment," "Church has undergone a rebirth

So says archbishop Fred Hiltz following the recent General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada. This follows the synod's affirmation of a fairly fuzzy sexuality discernment report

In my opinion, the report, as well as the two stories referenced in the title above, here and here, are an exercise in typical Anglican verbosity, sound and fuzzy, signifying nothing.

Rather than a, "watershed moment," the adoption of the sexuality report is more of a sedative, intended to lull existing orthodox members remaining in the organization to sleep. It maintains the status quo in the ACoC which, while not officially endorsing same sex blessings, allowing those dioceses who proceed with them to go ahead unchallenged and unpunished. I believe the liberal leadership and laity in the ACoC is sitting back and sighing with contentment, feeling they have silenced their critics by not adopting an official liberal policy, full knowing that their desires are going to be met anyway.

But the freight train of the liberal Anglican church of Canada is barrelling down the hill, toward the inevitable wreck at the bottom. Lord haste the day!

Take Care

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