Saturday, 19 June 2010

Turbo Buicks (Grand National Ranch?)

I now am the proud possessor of another Grand National, the newest one a highly modified '87 to go with my stock '84. I also bought this one on e-bay, from south of Tuscon. I put the decals on myself. I bought it to be a drag car -- a ministry or an outreach, hopefully involving youth, at the racetrack. It's amazing how many people approach me at gas stations etc. about it. Invariably they ask me what, "Boanerges" means. I have a story prepared. I tell them it is from the Bible. It is the name Jesus gave two of his disciples, James and John. Then I tell them what it means. I will not mention it here. If you don't know what it means, turn to Mark 3:17 for the translation. I joke that even back in his day, Jesus would have known Grand Nationals were coming, and he came up with the perfect name for a drag race car.

I have raced it a couple of times and frankly, I have been disappointed in my performance. The previous owner, south of Tuscon, was able to run in the 10's. I haven't been able to crack the 12's. I think it needs reprogramming for the altitude. Plus it needs a more skilful driver.

Some of my friends accuse me of trying to emulate This... if I come by a few more.

Take Care

Is Province Liable for Foster Mom's Live-in Partner?

From Here...
We'll call her RD.
Her new foster mother, M, it seems, was going through difficult times of her own. She was a single mom, newly divorced, raising two children of her own as well as four foster children.
M also had a new live-in boyfriend, a 27-year-old unemployed auto mechanic and car thief named Thomas Svekla.
Svekla had a drinking and drug problem -- he'd been in and out of court-ordered rehab at AADAC's Henwood Treatment Centre. Svekla had a criminal record, though not a long one. He'd amassed convictions for drinking and driving, property theft, and, more ominously, assaulting a prostitute in downtown Edmonton.

This story is symptomatic of the crisis in our society that most people just don't recognize, or at least acknowledge. There is a general moral breakdown, a degenerating moral attitude that is much deeper than most people will admit.

In the above story, the root of the problem is not that this guy (since convicted of killing a prostitute) had such a record. It is that this foster mom had a live-in boyfriend. That in itself should have disqualified her from being a foster parent.

I have said before, on this blog and in personal conversations, that the most devastating moral issue today is not the increasing acceptance of the gay rights agenda. It is the acceptance of common law, or live-in, or shack-up relationships as equivalent to marriage. This accepting attitude, whether it is a symptom, a cause, or a result of society's decreasing adherance to a right sexual morality, has, and will continue to have, devastating results -- results that many will not attribute to the real cause. So called (or actual) child poverty, for instance, is a cause celebre in many circles, often liberal, but they cannot admit that the real root of the problem is single parenthood, which often results from of sexual improriety of one kind or another, either, may I opine, sexual activity outside of true and proper marriage, or the ending of a sexual relationship where one or both partners were not committed enough to each other to stand up before God and witnesses and vow to remain together for life.

So I sympathise with RD. I suspect others do as well. But the anger is directed toward the wrong people, at least it is for the wrong reason. The moral outrage is not that this particular foster mom had this particular live-in boyfriend, but that she had one at all.

Take Care

Monday, 14 June 2010

"A watershed moment," "Church has undergone a rebirth

So says archbishop Fred Hiltz following the recent General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada. This follows the synod's affirmation of a fairly fuzzy sexuality discernment report

In my opinion, the report, as well as the two stories referenced in the title above, here and here, are an exercise in typical Anglican verbosity, sound and fuzzy, signifying nothing.

Rather than a, "watershed moment," the adoption of the sexuality report is more of a sedative, intended to lull existing orthodox members remaining in the organization to sleep. It maintains the status quo in the ACoC which, while not officially endorsing same sex blessings, allowing those dioceses who proceed with them to go ahead unchallenged and unpunished. I believe the liberal leadership and laity in the ACoC is sitting back and sighing with contentment, feeling they have silenced their critics by not adopting an official liberal policy, full knowing that their desires are going to be met anyway.

But the freight train of the liberal Anglican church of Canada is barrelling down the hill, toward the inevitable wreck at the bottom. Lord haste the day!

Take Care