Friday, 16 April 2010

The Greedy and the Gullible

Interesting words of wisdom from Doug Wilson, from a book he has written;
"Any man seeking control of the engines of the state, the better to accomplish his plundering, always promises to make the great businesses pay taxes -- and the envious man cheers. But of course, no business ever paid a tax without passing it on to the consumer, and the envious man finds himself paying for the pillage he ardently supports. But don't feel sorry for him; he is an envious fool and deserves everything he gets, both good and hard. A wise man hates all forms of envy" (Joy at the End of the Tether, pp. 55-56).

Take Care


Warren said...

What do you think about the proposed bank bonus tax (which politicians will likely vote down):

Is it a personal tax or a form of business tax?

In the interest of disclosure, some (but not all) of what Doug Wilson writes really irritates me. I hear some of the same type of discussion from my American co-workers and it doesn't seem healthy.

Warren said...

There's nothing for the "envious man" to cheer about here:

I'm sure GE is keeping consumer prices proportionately low.

I'll shut up now.

John K said...

"What do you think about the proposed bank bonus tax (which politicians will likely vote down)"

Emotionally I leap to agreement. There seems to be something patently unfair about seeing someone benefit personally at the expense of someone else (in this case, the taxpayer.) the same kind of injustice grates one's sense of justice in the current Goldman Sachs case, where it appears that someone benefited billions knowing that it would be at the expense of others.

But then I remember that there are two radically separated kingdoms out there; that of the world and that of God, and in the light of eternity, only one of them is really that important. When I remember to keep things in perspective, I think the main goal is to see as many as possible transferred from one to the other.

Warren said...

John, I have no argument with what you say. I do, on the other hand, have a problem with those who would villify people who suggest that naked capitalism may sometimes have more in common with greed than the good of the common man. Maybe my problem is that I don't worship Sarah Palin.

Sigh; I should have just shut up.

John K said...

I would not be averse to disagreeing with your denial of positive feelings towards those expressing negative opinions on those things with which we refrain from disagreeing.

Warren said...

Now I'll be lying awake in bed thinking about your comment.

(I was talking about Doug Wilson.)