Thursday, 11 March 2010

Count the Cliches

My blogging brother David must have got to his e-mail before I did on this one

For a little over a year, five Canadian and six African dioceses have engaged in diocese-to-diocese theological dialogue on matters relating to human sexuality and to mission.

I was particularly struck by the following paragraph. This should be submitted to Guiness as the world record for the most possible bafflegab crammed into the least possible space.

We affirm together that dialogue cannot be about trying to make someone change their position, but is about working together better to understand the fullness of our stories, affirmations and commitments. To do so requires that we meet, that we converse, that we commit to this holy listening and honest, respectful speech with openness and prayerful thanksgiving for the gift that is the other. This is the gift of communion we share in Christ: that we are one, in his body. We are empowered by our mutual listening and learning to carry on, to deepen our existing bonds of affection, and to serve God's mission with renewed hope.

This "dialogue" on matters of sexuality, between the liberals of the west and the orthodox majority in the rest of the world, reminds me for all the world of a fisherman who has hooked a fish and is just playing with it. He's just trying to keep it on the line until it wears out and gives up.

Take Care

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