Saturday, 20 February 2010


I just was put in touch with an old friend I hadn't seen in over 40 years, and it brought to mind a story I have recalled often over those years. Dave was the stepson of the minister of Fifty United Church in Winona, ON.

I took basically the whole summer of 1964 off and spent it up at our cottage near Parry Sound ON. Dave was, and still is, a car hobbyist, as was, and still am, I. He and I and a couple of friends spent much of the summer driving around the back country roads looking for old cars and "boneyards." In those days, many farms or back country houses had a number of old vehicles scattered around their property. On one property we found a 1947 LaSalle hearse, and a 1949 Indian motorcycle.
Also there was a 1950's Cadillac Eldorado and Dave bought the gold spoke wheels for his 1955 (or '56) Coupe de Ville. His was similar to the one at the right except I believe it had a white painted roof.

On another day, we had found a junkyard and were having a great time climbing over and around all the old vehicles when we noticed an old barn about a hundred yards off. A double-rutted track to it showed that it once had been a kind of driveway, but it was completely overgrown with weeds. We walked back to it and peered in through a window. In it there was an old car with the left front fender on the floor beside it and the side of the hood up. We climbed in for a closer look. Looking into the interior we could see the odometer reading of 75 miles. Dave, being knowledgeable about these things, said it was a 1933 Chrysler. I remember it looking something like this one on the right. Who can tell what the story of the car was.

Many years later I went back to see if I could find it, but the county had made everyone clean up their properties and the barn had been torn down. Hopefully the car was saved and not crushed.
One of the interesting things I think of when I recall this story is that, in 1964, this was only a 31 year old car. It would be like finding a 1983 car in 2014.

Somehow 1983 doesn't sound quite as old as 1933.

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