Thursday, 12 November 2009

Islamophobia? No... Islamophilia!

Have I just coined a new word?

I find it fascinating how many people of a liberal slant are afraid to entertain any criticism of the Islamic faith. Case in point is the latest mass shooting at the Fort Hood army base in the US. Liberals are tripping all over themselves to avoid any connection between the shootings and the alleged shooters Muslim faith. From Dr Phil on CNN to the liberal panelists on the Michael Coren Show, they have, practically without exception, refused to admit that the alleged shooter's faith had anything to do with his actions, even though, as he unloaded his weapons into an unsuspecting crowd of people, he shouted, "Allah achbah," and, as has come to light, frequented radical Islamic websites and defented the actions of suicide bombers.

I came across an interesting analysis of a related phenomenon, that is, the tendency of these same liberals to raise past Christian wrongs when attempting to answer for current wrongs of other religions, particularly Islam.

Often, when I am criticizing crimes inspired by Islamic extremism, I am interrupted by the remark that Christianity was once culpable of similar abuses. That Christianity may have been intolerant in the past, however, does not make criticisms of Islam’s present-day intolerance any less valid. Also, Islamic intolerance is an immediate danger, whereas Christian intolerance is generally a historical phenomenon and no longer a threat to civilization. And Christendom’s crimes were recorded by Christians themselves—a stark contrast to our politically correct climate, in which many, especially Muslims, are reluctant to criticize Islam.
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Tregonsee said...

How about another new word, "diversicide?" It means death by multiculturalism. We are going to see a lot of that in the future.