Sunday, 6 September 2009

Push On

It has been a while since I have blogged, but a number of items and thoughts came together and I woke up this morning thinking of this Pete Seeger song. What brought it to mind?

Well, this...

Where the ELCA at their convention in Minneapolis, when a tornado that blew the cross off the steeple of their church across the street, might have paused to consider whether or not they should proceed with their sexual agenda, choosing the broad road over the narrow one, went ahead, pushed on, and chose the broad one anyway.

Then there was This story in the Anglican Journal (Hat tip to my blogging friend, David)
Let’s change gears and move forward...
Agree to disagree and move on, a twenty-something youth representative from the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) board of directors suggested recently. Continue the discussion but don’t let it get in the way of moving forward, he advised.
...while we’ve been driving back and forth on the same old issues, the ranks of Anglicans in the pews have plummeted to an all-time low.

To which I commented,
It’s not the “back and forth” that’s been causing the plummeting attendance. It’s the “forth” into apostasy on the part of the church in general.

So, for Fred Hiltz, the liberal bishops of Niagara, Huron, Ottawa etc, TEC, the ECLA, and all others who think that they are honouring God by continuing to march away from Him and deeper into the morass of a false cultural relevance...

Push on.

Take Care


Warren said...

John K, for the sake of consistency, if a tornado damaged your church in Edson, would you be equally quick to suggest that God was sending a warning? I don't deny God's ability to act in mysterious ways, but I admit to a healthy skepticism when Piper et. al. quickly connect natural disaster with God's judgement. The rain shines on the just and the unjust, and natural disasters seem to hurt the just and the unjust as well.

Warren said...

"The rain shines on the just and the unjust". Looks like I did a wonderful job of mixing my metaphors. LOL

John K said...

Hi Warren,
Actually, I agree with you. Even Piper, I don't think, was drawing a direct connection between, as some flakier Christian leaders might have done. But, upon reflection, we who consider ourselves orthodox Christians, although we might hope that the liberals in the ECLA should take a mesage from it, would be naive in that hope. If appeals to Scripture haven't caused them to rethink their actions, why would a tornado do so. And I'm sure that those who voted for the expanded accepance of sexual mores don't think they are any more wrong than you or I would about our own churches.

But God either ordained it or allowed it. It just made me smile.