Monday, 21 September 2009

Albert Mohler on the Death of God

Interesting "time capsule" from Al Mohler on this morning's blog, harking back to the, "God is dead" fad of the '60's. As I mention in my testimony, this controversy was part of my own history. The United Church of Canada bought into it big time, and in my opinion, if it wasn't the beginning, it was a primary symptom of a whole package of other issues that contributed to that denomination's decline. I believe it is not unlike the various liberal denominations' current fatal self absorption with issues of sexuality.

Dr Mohler notes,
Seen in retrospect, it is clear that the "Death of God" movement did not survive the 1960s. Within a few short years, much of the stridency of the secular tide had been repackaged into the more benign-appearing "spiritualities" of the postmodern age.

The movement did accomplish one thing -- it drove me out of the United Church, the initial incident in the chain of life events that resulted in God eventually opening my eyes and taking me out of the kingdom of darkness and into His kingdom of light.

If the current apostasy does the same for others it will have served God's purposes well. Those in the throes of the current controversies will one day look back and see that it was all part of the plan.

Take Care

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Dave Groff said...

Excellent point, John. God is sovereign and He will accomplish His will. Certainly people get in His way and do damage(and will reap the consequences), but God is not derailed(Psalm 2). The line of an old song says something like, I read the back of the book and God wins!