Friday, 24 July 2009

Where's The Honour?

'Honour killings' claim up to 5,000 lives a year

The latest murders to be investigated as these so-called, 'honour killings' involves the finding of three girls and an older woman submerged in a car near Kingston ON. Invariably in these cases there is a murder, then a police investigation, then charges laid. And also invariably, it involves the murder of a Muslim woman, usually young, by a male relative, for not living the kind of life the male relative thinks she should.

But if these really are killings in the name of honour, then surely the honourable thing for the killer to do is, immediately after the deed is done, march directly to the nearest police station and turn himself in. Surely Allah approves of this killing, so he should be proud of what he has done, not skulking away in the shadows trying to avoid responsibility. Where is the honour in killing for honour, then trying to cover up what you've done? These aren't honour killings at all -- they would be more accurately and honestly described as 'anger killings.'

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