Friday, 15 May 2009

The Real, Relevant Marriage Debate

Just to get things back into perspective, we sometimes become so focused on the gay marriage issue that we forget the marriage debate that has far more serious consequences. And these consequences are current, not future. They are with us today. That is the issue of heterosexual marriage itself, and the fact that many people nowadays don't see it as necessary. I have posted on this issue before, and the facts are everywhere to see, but the acceptance of co-habitational, or common-law relationships, as equivalent to marriage has done more harm to our society than any consequences the gay marriage issue might possibly hold.

Mona Charen puts things into perspective in this article in the National Review Online.
By the age of 12, 78 percent of children living in non-married households have experienced one or more years of poverty. For children in intact families, the figure is 18 percent. Babies born to unwed moms are more likely to be premature, to be low birthweight, and to suffer other pathologies. Children who are raised in non-marital households have poorer school performance, more trouble with the law, more mental and emotional disturbances, more poverty, suffer more physical and sexual abuse, and are more likely to become unwed parents themselves.

It's the elephant in the room that the politically correct cannot acknowledge without admitting that morality counts.

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