Sunday, 19 April 2009

The More Inclusive a Church Tries to Become, The Smaller It Gets

This seems like a contradiction, but the Bible is full of seeming contradictions isn't it. To live one must die.; To be first, one must be last; to lead one must be a servant. to find life one must lose it.

A church that loses sight of it's true mission (worshipping the One True God, and proclaiming to the world the truth and good news of salvation only through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ) becomes merely a self-preserving organization, often going about this self preservation in exactly the wrong way. They will think that by appealing to the broadest range of people they will attract the most members. But the opposite result is what most often occurs. What they are trying to do is to be an organization that requires very little committment from those it seeks to attract. And thatis just what they get -- people who really don't want to change their lives. In other words, people who really don't want to make any kind of committment that requires any kind of sacrifice on their part. They want a form of spirituality wih no accountability. These are mainly those who may receive their "message" with joy initially, but quickly fall away. Because at the end of the day, if the church becomes the same as the culture, why bother with the church? And of course, from such churches most true Christians, the ones who really would be and remain committed, eventually and invariably flee.

But today's "liberal" churches just don't get it. They seem blind to reality, wearing the rose-coloured glasses of "inclusivity." They sanctimoniously waltz down the broad road of compromise, emasculating God and accepting, even blessing, immorality.

And all the while oblivious to the fact that they are becoming more and more irrelevant, heading down that broad road toward the death their organization so justly deserves.

Take Care

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