Friday, 26 December 2008

War is Over if You Want it?

I have posted on this song before, but recently I have been thinking about it's connection to today's latest fad issue. It seems that every generation has its pet causes. At the time John Lennon wrote this song (which I rather like) it was war. Today it is climate change (as it is now called because 'global warming', its previous label, seemed unconvincing in the midst of cold snaps and record snowstorms.)

But the chorus from the song betrays the same human tendency to arrogance that we now see in the whole climate debate -- that is, the feeling that something we do can actually change things significantly, other than wasting a whole pile of money that ends up in someone else's (or some other nation's) pockets.

"War is over... if you want it." War is not over, despite the naive optimism of the '60s. Not that I am defending war. We all would like all war and suffering to be over. But to think that any of our actions will end it is,unfortunately, simplistic at best. As long as the human heart is selfish and human nature self centered, wars will continue in series around the world.

So it is with climate change. We have whole movements indoctrinating whole sections of society, especially our children, into thinking the issue is, for one, much larger than it probably is, and for another, more controllable than it probably is. We have Barack Obama, for instance, calling for more biofuels, while a recent report stated that the amount of corn required to make just one tankful of fuel for one of our cars could feed a third world family for a whole year. In the meantime, the amount of potential food being used for fuel is driving up its price so the poor of the world can no longer afford it.

Not that I am either denying some kind of problem or that we must not aim for some kind of solution. We all must do our best to conserve the planet and its resources and surely we all should do our part. But meanwhile the rich, the high profile and the celebrities leading the bandwagon continue in their profligate lifestyles, buying 'carbon credits' and thinking they are doing anything but assuaging their own consciences so they can continue to be wasteful and pay others to compensate for them.

I have two questions: Has Al Gore moved to a smaller house, one that uses less than twenty times the energy of the average house, and have all those Hollywood stars on the bandwagon turned off the air conditioning in their mansions to conserve power? Once they do that, perhaps I's start believing they are sincere about their pet issue.

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Canadian Pragmatist said...

I think you're missing something pretty big here. People don't have to starve today! We have enough food to feed them... we just don't give it to them.

Maybe instead of assuming that stopping climate change (which is real) would cause economic hardships in the 3rd world (an out-dated term) we should try and push for our governments to give foreign aid, and stop the climate crisis from claiming out future.


The arrogance you point to may be pointed back at you for being arrogant enough to think that you know who god is, and have personal relationship with him.

That he would come down, leave hints in obscure parts of the middle-east is truly beyond belief.

Canadian Pragmatist said...

Don't go to a libertarian website for info against global warming. That's like going to oil companies for information on the issue. Watch this for an explanation as to why we must do something:

Anonymous said...

John Lennon=Christian?