Tuesday, 11 November 2008

It's Back!

A year and a half after it was stolen, I now have my toy, my 1984 Buick Grand National, back. It has been freshly painted, and partly re-upholstered - looks gorgeous!
The start of the whole adventure began because it wasn't running right. The local service shop couldn't figure out the problem, and the car was stolen while waiting for them to pick it up at my shop. However, its poor running may have been why it was recovered because the thiefs abandoned it in Fox Creek Alberta, not wanting to try to coax it any further.
The service shop, which will remain unnamed, spent a lot of their time (and my money) trying to figure it out, all to no avail. Finally a friend discovered the mass air flow (MAF)sensor (don't ask me exactly how it works) was faulty. These are no longer available for the '84 turbo Regal, so I had to get one from an online used parts seller in North Carolina. So now it runs perfectly as well. I have actually had it back for a few weeks and have had a blast driving it. But now the first snow has come, so it is sequestered in my garage til spring. Here is a little info I prepared on the '80's Grand Nationals:
The 1984 - 1987 Grand Nationals represent the hallmark of the Buick Turbo Cars. The all-black exterior paint and the bulging hood remind one of the muscle cars of the sixties. The Turbo V6 engine, with all of its sophisticated components, proves that technology, when applied in the right manner, can effectively substitute for cubic inches.

Beginning in 1984, the Grand National package (Option WE2) came with standard black paint, black bumpers, rub strips and guards, black front air dam, deck lid spoiler, aluminum wheels with black paint, and Grand National identification on the exterior and instrument panel. Standard was a turbocharged, fuel injected V6 (Engine Code LM9), rated at a strong 200 bhp and 300 lb-ft of torque. To put that power to the road, the GN came with a 3.42:1 Posi-Trac rear end.

Many people still consider them to be the only true muscle car of the ‘80’s (although I would add the late '80's 5.0 litre Mustangs). Each year they were made they were the fastest North American production automobile. In fact, speculation is that GM forced Buick to drop the Grand National after 1987 because Chevrolet insisted that nothing in the GM stable should be faster than the Corvette, as the Grand National was.

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Warren said...

The Buick GN was a great car, but I think the Taurus SHO could make the cut as a muscle car for the 80s as well (it was introduced as an 89 model). Mind you, many people wouldn't accept either as a true muscle car since they both had V6's vice V8's. I had a 95 SHO for a few years and it was more fun than my 69 Super Bee (although it didn't attract nearly as much attention). I had trouble with the mass flow sensor as well, but figured it out thanks to a strong user group on the Net. It was a very expensive car to maintain, though, and Ford wasn't much help.

John K said...

Yes! How could I forget the SHO? My brother in St Catherines had several of them, including, I think, 3 at one time. He also had a couple of Mustang 5.0's, as well as a 428 Cobra replica at one time. One of the cars I remember he had was an ex-OPP Crown Vic 4 door (the boxy ones from the '80's). He basically masked off the glass and taillights and sprayed the whole thing black. Did it ever look mean. Stephen King could have written a book about it.