Sunday, 26 October 2008

There is Evil Here

From the Anglican Essentials blog, Anglican bishops of Montreal and Ottawa have indicated they intend to proceed with the blessing of same-sex unions in their respective dioceses. Recently, the Anglican parishes of the Central (B.C.) Interior also voted to ask their bishop to permit these blessings as well, but Bishop Gordon Light has decided to "...suspended any action pending consultations with the Canadian house of bishops, which meets Oct. 27 to 31," as if we don't already know the outcome of that consultation.

In regards to that story I used the term arrogance, and I take none of that back, but I now call it for what I see it, and for what I believe it is -- evil.

Leaving aside the presenting issue, that of these totally inappropriate, 'blessings', and not even commenting on their rightness or wrongness, the evil I see is much more sinister; much more blatant; much more deliberate.

Because, given the climate within the Anglican Church of Canada, and given the recent request to hold back on such blessings from the Archbishop of Canterbury, the titular head of Anglicans worldwide, these Canadian bishops and their followers are embarking on a course, engaging in actions, that will destroy the Anglican Church of Canada. And they know it. They cannot help but know it. The fracture of the Anglican Church in Canada will be a direct consequence of their courses of action. And yet this will not give them pause. I believe the next few weeks and months will see them wilfully and knowingly commence the dismantling of their church. To be even more plain, and here is the unspeakable evil, they are deliberately setting out to destroy part of Christ's body.

Now they might see this as justifiable, purging the organization of those pesky conservatives who hold on to outdated notions of Biblical authority and other such nonsense, but we have been warned about this haven't we.

Take Care

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Again, I rest my case.

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